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Mobile Money is the most fastest, simple, convenient, secure and affordable way to transfer money, withdraw cash for personal or business use, make payments and perform other financial transactions using just a mobile phone. By using mobile money to transfer money or withdraw cash, you don’t need to visit any bank to perform the transaction. All you need is a functional mobile phone and you can perform any financial transaction. When it comes to Mobile Money in Ghana, Zen Premier is one of the most reputable institutions that provides the Premier Mobile Money Transfer Services in Ghana through our Partners namely MTN, Vodafone and AitelTigo.

With MTN Mobile Money (Momo), Vodafone Cash and AirtelTigo being the top best mobile money companies in Ghana, it is no surprise that, Zen Premier have partnered with them to offer the Premier Mobile Money Transfer Services In Ghana where you can transfer or withdraw cash easily from your mobile wallet on your phone. Mobile Money is an electronic wallet service that offers a good, convenient and alternative way to banking and paying for goods and services in and outside the country. How does this happen? It allows users to store, send and receive money using just their mobile phones with or without internet connection. They can easily buy in shops or online, pay utility bills and school fees or top-up mobile airtime – all from their mobile phones. Zen Premier is a true leader and a pioneer in mobile money transfer services in Ghana.

At Zen Premier, we make it super easy to send money to any mobile money account. And remember, mobile money is just one of four ways of sending money with Zen Premier as we also offer Local and international money transfer like Ria, Unity, Western Union, Money Gram including our Premier Agency Banking Services with CalBank, Ecobank, Fidelity, Societe General, FBN Bank, Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB) and First National Bank.

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Benefits Of Using Mobile Money

At Zen Premier, we prioritize the security of our customers. We make sure all customer data is highly protected and to make life easy for our ever growing clients. As part of our Premier Mobile Money Transfer Services In Ghana, we have partnered with the top reputable Telecom Companies  (MTN Mobile Money, Vodafone Cash and AirteTigo Money) to offer Premier Mobile Money Services in Ghana to anyone. Below are some of the reasons why you should choose Mobile Money. Feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions or want to make inquiries


Carrying cash comes with so many problems such as keeping it secure. Hard cash has a lot of weight especially if it is a huge amount. On the other hand, mobile money is portable & virtual. It is configured to your mobile phone other than carrying it in your pockets or bags. With mobile money, you only need a phone to carry out a financial transaction

Very Flexible

The flexibility that comes with carrying your phone everywhere is unmatched. Some financial transactions like online purchases are limited to Mobile Money, Credit and debit cardsTherefore, if you do not have mobile money registered on your phone, your purchases are limited to only cash-accepted transactions.

Highly Secured

In catastrophic times, using mobile money is the most secured means of money transfer. Mobile money stops direct contact amongst people hence a better lifestyle and secured financial transactions.  On the other hand, money is always considered to be the one thing that carries most germs. At the end of the day, you just need to very be careful.

Low Transfer Fees

Mobile money is one of the money transfer options that has the lowest transaction fees with improved security compare to credit card method. You can easily send or receive money in Ghana using MTN Mobile Money (MoMo), Vodafone Cash and AirtelTigo to any relative or friend and pay less fees which is far less than Bank or Wire Transfers

No Long Queue

By using Zen Premier for your Mobile Money Transfers in Ghana, you do not have to travel very far to carry out a financial transaction. This helps to avoid long travel to send/receive money or to pay bills by standing in long queues. It also provides great comfort to the customers as performing a financial transaction becomes easy.

Cashless Payments

Mobile Money enables cashless payments which reduces the dependency on cash and can also allow tracking of transaction records in regards to the time and date at which the transaction took place. This increases financial security and reduces the risks of carrying huge amount of physical cash on you to anywhere you go such as loss, theft or fraud.

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Mobile Money FAQ's

Mobile money in simple terms is an electronic or virtual wallet service. Mobile Money is available in several countries like Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Gambia which allows users or customers to store, send, and receive money using just their mobile phones. The safety and easy virtual electronic payments makes Mobile money a Hot alternative to bank accounts. It can be used on any phone with or without internet access either smartphones and basic feature phones.

Hundreds of mobile money transfer services in Ghana allow users to purchase items in physical shops or online, pay their utility bills, school fees or top-up mobile airtime using mobile money. You can also withdraw cash easily from any Authorized Mobile Money Agent Like Zen Premier using MTN Mobile Money (MoMo), Vodafone Cash or AirtelTigo Money.


To send money or pay a bill to another person, the user selects the relevant mobile money service from their phone’s mobile money menu. Paying with MTN, Vodafone or AirtelTigo Mobile Money is just like sending a text message – it’s super simple and easy.

Mobile money stores money in a highly secured electronic or virtual account that is linked to a mobile phone number. In most cases the mobile money wallet number will be the same as the phone number used for the registration, but not always – they can be different in some cases. Before sending money to a mobile money wallet, please check with your receiver or the recipient of the money to make sure the mobile money phone number is correct number.

In Ghana, we have three main players in the Mobile Money Industry. These Telecom Companies are MTN Mobile Money (MoMo), Vodafone Cash and AirtelTigo. MTN Mobile Money is the #1 leader in the Mobile Money Transfer Services in Ghana as they have more market share followed by Vodafone Cash and then AirtelTigo Money. Zen Premier have partnered with these reputable Telecom Companies to offer one of the Best Mobile Money Transfer Services In Ghana. Visit Us or Contact Us today for Premier Mobile Money Transfers

As mobile money follows a similar concept to a bank account, monies held in a mobile money account are secure by Ghana financial regulations like Bank Of Ghana and National Communication Authority.  Mobile money service providers like MTN Mobile Money (MoMo), Vodafone Cash and AirtelTigo Money and partners like Zen Premier are required to check the identity of their customers or users- making it much harder for fraudsters, hackers and criminals to use these mobile money services in Ghana illegally. 

Mobile money services keep and maintain a record of every transaction and account balance, so even if the phone or the SIM card linked to the mobile money number is lost or stolen, the user’s money will be kept safe. Additionally, every mobile money transaction requires identification in the form of a secret PIN which needs to be entered before one can perform a mobile money transaction.

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